Top JavaScript Mobile Frameworks To Know in 2021

Top JavaScript Mobile Frameworks To Know

There are many programming languages available in the market to code design and develop a mobile app. For instance, Objective-C and Swift for iOS app development and Java for Android. Apart from that, there are many other languages like PHP, Python, ROR, and many more used for web and web app development.

Also, for both backend and frontend development, different languages are used. Some of the common languages used for front-end development are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Out of these JavaScript is one of the most popular languages that companies offering professional front-end development services use.

Today, in this blog, we are going to talk about some of the most prominent and promising JavaScript app development frameworks that are used to create scalable and powerful apps for all types of businesses.

Top JavaScript Mobile Frameworks to Know in 2021

For those who do not know what JavaScript is, it is one of the most popular programming languages that is used for both, front-end and back-end development. This language is known to create interactive web pages. JavaScript is mostly used by most top-notch front-end development companies to make websites more interactive by adding advanced elements.


PhoneGap is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks that most JavaScript development companies prefer using. It is known to create scalable and robust apps or even move your existing apps that can take your business to new heights.

A product of Apache Cordova, this framework allows mobile app developers to leverage the benefits of HTML, CSS, and Java. Though not completely a JS framework, most JavaScript development companies still use this framework to create powerful hybrid apps.

Features of PhoneGap

i) Open Source

One of the main advantages of using PhoneGap is that it is a free-to-use framework and is a really good option when looking for a cost-effective app development method.

ii) Easy to use

PhoneGap is a very easy-to-use framework, and hence developing advanced hybrid apps is quite simple.

iii) Cost-effective

If you are running low on budget, PhoneGap can be the right option for you. Not just this framework is free-to-use but also offers cross-platform compatibility that saves both time and money.

iv) Native API access

PhoneGap allows developers to access Native APIs and create trailblazing apps that offer the look and feel of a native app but are compatible with multiple platforms.


Another popular framework that we want to talk about is Titanium. A cross-platform mobile app development framework, Appcelerator’s Titanium is a cult favorite of companies offering mobile app development services.

This framework allows developers to leverage the benefits of front-end technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. If you are looking to get a scalable and robust cross-platform app developed Appcelerator’s Titanium is a great choice.

Features of Titanium

i) Rapid prototyping

This framework is known to accelerate the whole app development process by giving developers the code flexibility and creating even the most complex app using very few lines of code.

ii) Web-oriented

Titanium works best when looking to create smart and innovative web apps as this framework is itself developed using some advanced web technologies.

iii) Multiple Platforms

Apps developed using this framework are compatible not only with one or two but with a myriad of platforms available in the market. This gives business owners the leverage to target the audience on various platforms together.

iv) Large Community

This framework is not new in the market and hence, with time a large community of active developers is formed that helps budding developers to understand the nuances of this framework.


jQuery is one of the most popular mobile frameworks that most companies offering professional JavaScript development services use. This framework is known for “write lesser code, do more.”

This framework supports all types of apps that can run on multiple platforms and browsers like iOS, Android, Opera, and many more. Also, this framework, with the help of PhoneGap, allows mobile app developers to integrate web app codes and turn them into mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms.

Features of jQuery

i) Simple to use

Talking about the ease of using this framework, working with jQuery is quite easy and simple as this framework comes with a predefined method using which mobile app developers can easily perform any task. Also, this framework is quite easy to learn.

ii) Lightweight

If you are looking to get a lightweight mobile app or website, going for this framework can be a great choice as this library comes in approx. 19KB in size.

iii) Customization

Customization is really very easy when creating apps using this framework. jQuery comes with predefined CSS methods and allows developers to easily choose and modify DOM elements, which makes customization easy.

iv) Animation and Event Handling

If you are looking to get an app or website developed that included animations, you must hire mobile app developers having experience and immense knowledge of this framework. This is because jQuery has a predefined method called animate () that allows developers to create animations. Also, jQuery supports superb event handling.


Another popular JavaScript framework, Meteor is a preferred choice by most JavaScript development companies. This framework is known to create scalable and interactive mobile apps for all types of businesses. This framework allows developers to use JavaScript code and also gives businesses full control over the app.

The main benefit of this feature is that using the hot code push function not only entrepreneurs can update the app on their own but can also deploy the changes easily.

Features of Meteor

i) Full-stack Solution

If someone is looking for a full-stack solution to design and develop a powerful mobile app, Meteor.js is a great option. This JS framework comes with a myriad of features and in-built tools to create the app you want.

ii) Ecosystem

Talking about the development ecosystem, Meteor.js being an open-source offers Isomorphic Development Ecosystem (IDevE). This allows app developers to create real-time significant web apps from the start.

iii) Database Integration

If you are looking to integrate your existing database, this could be a great option to go for.

iv) Live Reloading

Live reloading is one of the coolest features that this JavaScript framework offers. Live-browser reloading refers to the feature where if a developer makes any changes in the app, the page is directly reloaded, making the changes visible to users in real-time.

Mobile Angular UI

Another popular mobile app development framework based on the principle of Angular and Bootstrap, Mobile Angular UI is one of the most sought-after frameworks that developers use to create feature-filled and attractive apps. This framework has even those features that are still missing in Bootstrap 3. Also, features like overlays, scroll bars, navigations, etc.

Features of Mobile Angular UI

i) Light Weight

If you are looking for a lightweight framework, Mobile Angular UI is just for you. This framework does not have too many dependencies, thus creating apps via this framework is quite simple.

ii) Shocking Mobile Components

Mobile Angular UI accompanies some stunning segments like sidebars, overlays, navigations, etc., that accounts for interactive and attractive mobile and web apps.

iii) Great for Transition

Mobile Angular UI is a great cross-platform app development framework and when looking to convert your mobile app to a web app, it can be done quite smoothly.

Choosing the right framework is very important if you are looking to make a successful app. Also, if you want your app or a website loved by users using it, you must invest good time in researching the front-end development framework. This is because a front-end development framework is responsible for designing the interactive elements which users see.

However, the importance of the back-end development framework cannot be ignored. These frameworks are responsible for the smooth functioning of your app or website.

JavaScript has some of the best front-end and back-end mobile app development frameworks that allow developers to create scalable and powerful apps. We hope that this list of top JavaScript development frameworks in 2021 will help you in selecting the most suitable framework based on your project requirements.



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