Tips to Make Your ROR App More Scalable

Make your ROR App More Scalable


As you plan to grow and expand your business, there goes a requirement to scale the applications and websites as well, and not all apps and websites are scalable. While getting any solution developed for your business, you must choose the right set of technology that can easily fit not only your current requirements but the future needs too.

What Is Ruby on Rails Application Scalability?

The scalability of any app development platform alludes to the application potential built within the same framework to be able to grow and organize maximum user requests per minute for the upcoming events of the company. Ruby on Rails is not just a framework that can scale, instead it is an architecture of the whole server system.

Common Issues Faced While Scaling the RoR Applications

While planning for app scalability there are too many questions that come up in mind. App scalability is not an easy task and various issues accompany the process. Even if the performance or scalability issues of your applications are not as intense there are some common bottlenecks that appear while scaling the ROR app.

Smart Tips to Scale Ruby on Rails Applications

There are various resources available on the web that explains scaling Ruby on Rails applications. In this segment, we are presenting a quick summary of the effective strategies that explain scaling Ruby on Rails applications.

What Are The Alternate Solutions To Scale The Application Database?

If you are looking for ways around reducing your application load time then you can integrate some effective techniques. Utilizing these solutions will make it possible for you to lessen application load time.

Tools That Can Help You Scale ROR Applications

To scale the ROR applications, the Ruby on Rails experts suggests determining or eliminating the bottlenecks in the application. However, finding the shortcomings manually is not possible for the developers and the easiest way to detect the bottlenecks in ROR applications is to use dedicated software programs. Using these tools will help you get the details about the application scalability issues. Some of the popular tools for scaling ROR applications are- Splunk, Flame, StatsD, Relic, Graphs, just to name a few.

The Bottom Line

Scaling the Ruby on Rails applications relies on the project instances as the framework itself may not be suitable for all the application types. You can take the right set of tools and analysis using reliable technologies before scaling the application. Scaling Ruby on Rails applications is an easy task but only if you have the right approach. If done on the mark, it can save you time as well as money.

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